We are in the heart of El Paso’s oldest neighborhoods, Segundo Barrio, located in South-central El Paso.  We proudly serve our surrounding community and schools, offering many free programs and services.

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“Discover the Secrets of the Universe Through Your Library”

The general concept of this mural deals with and speaks of ancestors of a great percentage of the Library’s participants.  It communicated that they were highly civilized people with extreme knowledge of the universe and astronomy.  Mayan legends mention how people’s souls were beings from outside this earth and were placed here to cultivate good will and peace.

The overall theme seems like a dream and motivates the human imagination.  This, I believe, is important for our children.  Children need to dream.  Traditional Meso-American knowledge teaches us that at night when we sleep and we dream, our souls visit a collective pool where we drink and replenish our spirits.  “Venimos al mundo a buscar la perfección, y la perfección vendrá cuando seamos capaces de crear todo lo que podamos pensar y soñar.”

The mural reads from the east wall, left to right.  The first image is on the exterior of the library courtyard, exposed to the street/general public.  The image is a Meso-American noble  enticing the viewer to come into the library courtyard for more viewing and knowledge.

Inside the library courtyard you see an astronaut making an astonishing discovery.  Floating Meso-American motif sculptures, probably floating in space for millions of years, implying that our ancestors were connected with the universe long before space technology existed.  The astronauts symbolize modern day society needing to recognize the great value and importance that our ancient ancestors had to offer to the rest of the world.

In the extreme right of the wall you see an astronaut holding a miniature sculpture of intertwined serpents, symbolizing duality between earth and sky.  On the astronaut’s sleeve are the words “Discover the secrets of the universe through the library.”

The south wall image is of children in their unique ambience of Segundo Barrio tenements, thus completing the cycle of dream to reality.  The faces of the children were done from actual photos of children from the neighborhood.  The theme of space symbolizes that behind the walls of the Segundo Barrio lies this immense knowledge and culture which our children represent.

I particularly see this mural as much more than a decoration; while the mural will add color and liveliness to the neighborhood, this is not my main objective.  In my view, those muralists who are most effective use color and form not as an end product but as tools for conveying a specific subject matter.  Further, this subject matter is expressed by means of public symbolism easily  understood be a general audience, rather than in private or personal symbols to be interpreted by only a few.

Murals that truly speak for a community and its social concerns are a real inspiration, both as a model for artists and as a monument to the struggles and inspirations of the community.

Carlos Callejo


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